Legal counsel
Letters, applications, opinion verification
Document analysis
Analysis of age of handwriting, time of writing, chronology, forgery
Psychographological analyses
Emotional and physical state, pathological handwriting, psychological description
Forensic linguistics
Determination of authors of statements on the basis of internet postings, letters, presentations
Classical handwriting analysis
Authenticity of handwriting and signatures, Uniformity of handwriting

”Handwriting is like a fingerprint – unique.”

While it undergoes numerous deviations over the years as a result of many internal and external stimuli, its identification characteristics remain unchanged. Handwriting, as a strictly individualized psychosomatic trait, constitutes the basis for analysis of the authenticity of the writing, uniformity of the author and time of writing, as well as the emotional and physical state of the author at the time of composition. A sample of handwritten text describes its author fully and truly – like their fingerprint.

Karolina Gorzkowska

court expert in handwriting, psychographologist, founder of KPG Legal



Our advantage and distinguishing mark:

Our advantage is rooted in the combination of the power of independence of a developing business entity and the individual responsibility of experts working for us. As a company, we have great organizational and technical measures at our disposal; individually, each of our experts has earned diplomas validating their expertise and authorization to perform work in their respective fields. Opinions signed individually by their authors provide a guarantee of individual responsibility, making it possible for clients to call authors as witnesses before the courts. 

Quality is our priority. We partner only with the best; we prepare professional opinions and we work on efficient equipment. Our experts, judiciary practice, and technical resources warrant reliability, substance, and compliance of our graphological and forensic opinions with the highest standards.

The knowledge and experience of our experts have been recognized by almost all District Courts in the country – in most courts, they have been included on the lists of experts for several subsequent terms of office now. Presented below is the list of courts hiring our experts.    


We render services to all parts of the country. Check where you can find our partners – lawyers. 


In association with complex analyses of handwriting and documents, many of our expert opinions in the field of handwriting and forensics are complemented with opinions of psychologists and psychiatrists, who comment on the state and illness of the author of records on the basis of interviews, observation or analysis of medical documentation. 

Moreover, cooperation with a pharmacologist adds a final touch to conclusions concerning the state of consciousness in situations, when the sample author was under the influence of drugs or anesthetics.


”Optimal quality requires sacrifice. I personally supervise the process of each order accepted and I review all opinions issued by our experts.” 

Karolina Gorzkowska, founder of KPG Legal


The fields of expertise of our office include all areas of handwriting and document analysis. We provide assistance in civil and criminal law proceedings, successions, and administrative issues. We encourage you to contact us and present your case, and we will be glad to specify the type of expertise you need. 

  • examination of authenticity of handwriting and signatures
  • examination of uniformity of graphic characteristics with regard to the author/time of writing
  • assessment of emotional and physical state of the author
  • examination of pathological handwriting of chronically ill patients, persons who have suffered physical or emotional trauma, the elderly, individuals with addiction issues
  • linguistic content analysis of text
  • examination of documents (timeline of preparation, chronology, forgery traits)
  • reading of unintelligible records (old documents, medical documentation)
  • verification of graphological opinions issued
  • opinions of psychologists, psychiatrists, pharmacologists
  • letters, applications, powers of attorney
  • handwriting, biometrics consultations