The Office of Legal Services and Forensic Graphology is the first and, at present, only professional independent company in the country dealing with complex analysis of handwriting and documents from both the legal and psychological perspective. KPG renders services on behalf of Polish and foreign business entities, judicial authorities, and natural persons. The company, which has a registered office in Warsaw, hires a team of experts; handwriting specialists, lawyers, and psychologists, warranting the highest standard of services to our clients in all aspects associated with analysis of handwriting and documents. A competitive advantage of our office is rooted in the fact that it combines in-depth, continuously evolving knowledge with complex content-related technical tools which make it possible to solve the most difficult problems in handwriting analysis arising over the course of conducted proceedings.

The history of our office starts in 2013, when its founder (the present president of the Management Board) obtained a license of a court expert in handwriting analysis, graphology, and psychographology. Such licensure is granted on the basis of numerous professional certificates confirming one’s knowledge and expertise. The establishment of the company and its further path of development results primarily from extensive knowledge of handwriting analysis issues and assumptions made by the founders with regard to development in the general field of handwriting analysis. These assumptions turned out to be right; at present, KPG is the only professional independent company in Poland dealing with complex handwriting analysis, and its founder is a renowned international expert in the niche field of analysis of handwriting pathology and psychographology. We have been rendering services on behalf of clients from all over the world since 2014.