Our areas of concentration encompass all fields of handwriting and document analysis, including classical handwriting analysis (examination of the authenticity of handwriting and signatures), analysis of the homogeneity of graphic characteristics with regard to the author and timeline of writing and the emotional and physical state of the author. We place particular focus on detailed psychographological assessments of pathological handwriting, handwriting of persons suffering from chronic illnesses and injuries, the elderly, and individuals suffering from addiction.

We are the only company in Poland (and one of very few in Europe) which provides reliable licensed opinions on the emotional and physical state of an author for the purpose of determining the level of awareness and/or free expression of will. In addition to psychological assessments of handwriting, we also prepare language- and content-based text analysis.

Our office also renders a broad scope of services in the field of document analysis, including timeline of preparation, order of statements, and forger interference regarding paper composition, masking fluids, and seals.

Due to numerous instances of fraudulent graphologists and court experts offering their services to the public,  we prepare verifications of opinions already issued in order to point out content-related errors and prepare applications for repeated assessment.

All psychographological findings are complemented with interviews and conclusions of psychologists, psychiatrists, and pharmacologists who cooperate with our office.

We are able to function efficiently in accordance with all existing legal provisions in each of these fields.

In Our Offer:

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Classical handwriting analysis:

  • examination of authenticity of handwriting and signatures
  • examination of uniformity of graphic characteristics with regard to author and timeline of writing, as well as emotional and physical state of author
  • determination of author of anonymous writing samples on the basis of comparative handwriting samples from selected persons
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Psychological handwriting analysis:

  • examination of pathological handwriting of persons who are ill, elderly, addicted, under the influence of narcotics, and of persons who have sustained traumatic injuries
  • examination of emotional and physical state of author at the time of writing (assessment of the level of awareness and freedom of expression of will)
  • development of a psychological profile on the basis of handwriting
  • language and content analysis
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Forensic examination of handwriting and documents:

  • determination of timeline of document preparation
  • determination of chronology of individual written statements
  • identification of signs of forgery in printouts and seals
  • reading/adaptation of unintelligible records
  • transcription
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Verification analysis of opinions previously issued:

  • reassessing opinions issued over the course of past proceedings and identification of potential content-related errors
  • preparation of letters, applications for appointment of appropriate experts, and examination repetitions
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Legal counseling:

  • court representation
  • professional letters
  • countrywide legal representation
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Forensic linguistics

  • linguistic analysis of anonymous letters
  • determination of authors of statements on the basis of internet postings, letters, and presentations