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Our forensic and psychological handwriting analysis experts possess qualifications verified by a vast range of certificates and diplomas, they appear as court experts, and they focus on the tasks at hand with complete dedication. We do not hire hobbyists or individuals who would engage in such serious endeavors without appropriate technical resources on a mere basis of fragmentary knowledge which has never been expertly verified. We always strive to expand our education and resources, and we appear as experts in law firms and police stations and provide various services on behalf of both companies and natural persons.

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Court experts and a list of District Courts

The knowledge and experience of our experts have been recognized by almost all District Courts in the country – in most courts, they have been included on the lists of experts for several subsequent terms of office now. Presented below is the list of courts hiring our experts.    

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Lawyers working with us

We render services to all parts of the country. Check where you can find our partners – lawyers. 

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Psychologists, psychiatrists and pharmacologists working with us

In association with complex analyses of handwriting and documents, many of our expert opinions in the field of handwriting and forensics are complemented with opinions of psychologists and psychiatrists, who comment on the state and illness of the author of records on the basis of interviews, observation or analysis of medical documentation. 

Moreover, cooperation with a pharmacologist adds a final touch to conclusions concerning the state of consciousness in situations, when the sample author was under the influence of drugs or anesthetics.